Second Friendly of the Season Rained Off (Again!)

Bucholz, 24 April 2016, friendly match

Nomads Cricket Club v Geneva Cricket Club – No result (rained off)

Full scorecard and statistics


On Sunday 24 April 2016, players of the Geneva Cricket Club moved to Uster (close to Zurich) to play against Nomads CC for the second friendly match of the season. Hopes to play a great game were on the high but the weather conditions brought down the enthusiasm a bit. Temperatures were revolving around 5°C and a very unusual mixture of rain and snow was intermittently falling on the ground during play and the breaks.

The hosts won the toss and decided to bat. With no wickets falling, a high number of extras conceded and efficient batting, openers Azeem and Asvin cruised with a +10 run rate in the first ten overs. It is only when Ronak bowled out beautifully Asvin in the 11.3 overs that momentum was created and ensued with a classical wicketkeeping catch by Saad in the next over thanks to sharp bowling from Tariq. But this was not enough to stop Azeem’s superb form. The opener reached a century in the 19th over, only to be caught at long on by Ankit when he tried to score a third consecutive six.

Nomad’s middle order continued to score at a very decent rate and broke the 300 runs barrier in the penultimate over, reaching a total of 312 runs with 6 wickets down. Although Geneva CC players displayed good ground fielding, the (too great) amount of dropped catches turned Nomads’ batsmen into cats with nine lives. Let us say that those drops were a pre-season mistake that will not be repeated!

When the lunch break took place, a strange mix of hail/snow/rain started pouring on the ground. Nomads proved to be a great host by providing great drinks and a delicious curry dish.

Geneva CC’s innings started with the difficult but feasible task of keeping the run rate per over at just below 8 runs, which was done successfully in the first three overs. Ankit showed his class and experience by keeping the ball on the ground and aiming at rotating the strike while Idrees targeted the boundaries in order to relieve some pressure for the coming batsmen. The partnership was unfortunately broken in the fifth over when Farid set up his bowling for an easy catch at cover point. With Idrees out, the next batsmen had difficulties to extract runs from the excellent bowling of Nomads’ pace attack. When spin bowlers Sudath and Shafqat stepped in at the 15th over, pressure was strongly maintained and Geneva CC’s middle order crumbled down. Only Ankit kept his wicket and continued to score at a steady and stable rhythm.

An unfortunate incident happened in the middle of the innings when Satbir, positioned at long off, kneeled to take a reverse cup catch. The ball dispatched by Ankit could not be caught by the tall man and hit him directly on the face. Satbir was fortunately conscious and was moved directly to the closest hospital to ensure that he did not sustain serious head injuries. The Geneva Cricket Club would like to wish him a great recovery and we hope that he can play again very soon.

Finally in the 29th over, Ankit blasted a ball for 6 towards mid-wicket and the ball was lost. A pretty strong rain came back and interrupted the match for good. The pitch was covered and a decision to call the game off was taken.