Manager and Fixture Secretary Report

Ahead of our Annual General Meeting of 26 February 2017, our Fixture Secretary and Manager Anser Mehmood publishes his report on our website:

I am very thankful to the Committee and Full Members for giving me the chance to manage the club for a third year in row. The Club Committee and players contributed to make my responsibilities much easier.

2016 was the year of the real revival of the Geneva Cricket Club. The Club strengthened all units and witnessed various improvements. As a first step, the Club became an affiliate member of Cricket Switzerland. It played in both national competitions: the 40–over Cricket Switzerland Premier League and the Mr Pickwick T20 Cup. Second, the Club improved its presence in the media: it has now a fully functional website and is pretty active on social media (Facebook and Instagram). The match reports, photos and CricHQ are used very efficiently to improve data and info on our matches and players. The Club has also provided opportunities  for some players to attend umpiring courses to become official umpires.

The Club has played a record number of matches with 5 more matches than in 2015. The team played a total of 25 matches across all formats, i.e. 40-over league, Pickwick T20 and friendlies throughout Switzerland and also France. The Club also organised a number of practice sessions.

The team traveled to Lyon for the second consecutive year. For the first time after 15 years, the Club organised a weekend trip to the South of France at Entrecasteaux, where it played a 35-over game against Entrecasteaux CC. It was a mind-blowing experience on an exceptional cricket ground with unique hospitality and sunshine.

The Club managed to provide kits, some equipment, delicious food, refreshments and transportation throughout the cricket season. The Club as well organised for the players a barbecue and some team meetings. After every league game, a man of the match trophy was awarded to motivate the best player.

At the end of the year, Geneva CC visited the AncrAges association in Annemasse, France, where some players had a good time playing cricket with young refugees from Pakistan and Afghanistan. As they were so passionate about the game of cricket,the Club thereafter responded positively to play an official indoor cricket match in January 2017. The event was very well organised, packed with a good crowd and well publicised in social media and on the Cricket Switzerland website.

The Club finally organised in February 2017 an Annual Family Dinner after a long hiatus. The participation of more than 40 people, including members, players and volunteers from AncrAges was very much appreciated. Trophies were awarded to the best batsman, bowler and fielder of the year. A new trophy, the David Barmes Player of the Year, was awarded too.

All in all, the year was very successful and the Club bounced back very strongly. We are looking forward to a new vision, to success and to playing more competitive and friendly cricket within the spirit of cricket.

Distinguished regards,

Anser Mehmood