First Practice Session on 10 April

Brace yourselves gentleman and get ready for our first practice session of the season on 10 April at 12:00 AM!

Soon, very soon are the gloomy and chilly days of early spring over. Soon, very soon are the brighter and milder days of the cricket season coming. And what does this sound like for a GCC cricketer? Hard balls, nets, soft outfield, diving catches (well, one does not want to dive on the tough concrete ground we play during winter time).

The 2016 cricket season is on! GCC players are warming up and working out! The first official practice of the season is taking place on 10 April 2016, 12:00 AM, at the Bout-du-Monde. Make sure you will get there as all active players are required to come, unless you are getting married that day or travelling around the world, of course. This will be a great opportunity to spend some quality time at the crease, hit a few boundaries and getting ready for avoiding golden-feathered Daffys and Donalds.

It is time to oil the bat and practice in the nets.

See you at the ground gents!