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Join Geneva CC’s new women’s team!


History is yet to be written. Would you like to be part of it? We recruit any women from 16 to 99 years old, whether beginner or seasoned players! And don’t forget to spread the word! On parle aussi français bien sûr.

Niru honing her batting skills


Yes you’ve read it right. The Geneva Cricket Club, oldest cricket club in the country, is recruiting women to establish the first women’s team of la Suisse romande!

In 2016, the first ever women’s cricket club was formed in the Swiss German part of Switzerland, the Zurich Sapphires Cricket Club. The Sapphires players have since then represented Switzerland in international tournaments and hope to play more games at the national level. Aside from this wonderful initiative, women cricket landscape in Switzerland remains pretty desolate.


Geneva CC deciding to set up a women team is no coincidence. Indeed, the Club thought about setting up a women’s team since last year. But an unexpected occurrence gave us tremendous impetus: two awesome ladies simultaneously approached the club in mid-April: Caroline (alias Coco), who hails from the Netherlands and played for the national team as well as various local clubs, and Niruja (alias Niru), a local student passionate about cricket and with great natural cricketing skills.

This initiative is obviously fully supported by Cricket Switzerland and the Association Genevoise de Cricket

2018 Annual General Meeting and Family Dinner

On 25 February 2018, the Geneva Cricket Club held its Annual General Meeting in the afternoon, followed by the Annual Family Dinner in the evening! You can find the agenda and minutes of the Annual General Meeting by clicking here (only in French).

Anser Mehmood, Captain and Club Manager of Geneva CC, distributed beforehand his 2017 Annual Activity Report summarising the season 2017.

Darius Rao, Secretary-Treasurer of Geneva CC, also shared with members the 2017 Club accounts, the 2017 balance sheet and the budget for the year 2018.

Priceless trophies for the best players of the season!

At the Annual Family Dinner, Club members were thrilled to share a hearty and spicy meal together with families and friends. Everyone seemed to be looking forward to an exciting 2018 season !

Trophies were distributed to the best players of the season:

Best player of the 2017 season

Khurram Alvi

Best batsman in 2017

Anser Mehmood

Best bowler in 2017

Afif Khan Khattak

Best fielder in 2017

Khurram Alvi

Khurram emotionally moved by his award and, of course, Leo in the background coming late, as usual

Also, a very new and special award was given to our lovely mascot, Massoud Kabir, who received the SUPER DUCK TROPHY 2017 for scoring the best ducks of the season

Massoud received the best trophy of the evening, hands down!
Awesome food for awesome people
Poor seniors of the Club have to listen to Darius trying really hard to be serious, which seldom happens
Our precious President Hascal giving Ronak departure gifts. Farewell Ronnie! You will be missed!
Classic photobomb to conclude a great evening



Geneva CC receives the 2016 Spirit of Cricket Award

At the recent Annual General Meeting, the Swiss Federation Of Cricket Umpires & Scorers singled out Geneva Cricket Club to receive the Spirit of Cricket Award 2016 for exemplary behaviour on & off the field last season.

The swissFOCUS Spirit of Cricket Award is an annual award, presented to the club in recognition for consistently demonstrating the best conduct on the field within the spirit of the game in any given calendar year, based upon on and off-field experiences of swissFOCUS officials.

The Geneva Cricket Club would like to express its gratitude to swissFOCUS and Cricket Switzerland for this award. It does not seem much to some, but it actually represents a lot for us. Being the oldest cricket club in Switzerland, we believe firmly in playing the game as the Spirit of Cricket commends. Sportsmanship, tolerance, competitiveness and solidarity are words that we take seriously, both on and off the field. We are thus honoured to receive this wonderful award and we hope to continue setting an example for cricket in Switzerland.

Many thanks to all for your support.

Start of the season 2017: facing 28 consecutive bouncers? Now possible!

April is right around the corner, which means that the cricket season is setting off! Our players are getting super excited and Geneva CC is preparing for a great season ahead.

Here is our busy programme for April:

  • 8 and 9 April: the Geneva T20 Cricket Tournament, hosted jointly this year by Geneva CC and Geneva Sri Lanka CC at the Bout-du-Monde. From 12:00 till 18:00 on both days, preceded by a short practice session;
  • 16 April: Friendly 40-over match against Zurich Lions, 12:00-18:00, Bout-du-Monde;
  • 22 April: First official practice session of the year at the Bout-du-Monde;
  • 29 and 30 April: International tour to South of France in Entrecasteaux to play two 35-over matches against Entrecasteaux CC and Monte-Carlo CC.

Furthermore, some of you might be aware of it, but the Geneva Cricket Club has decided to renew some of its practice equipment this season. This includes a Bola bowling machine with a 28-ball automatic feeder, a brand new netting installation system, and new professional nets and poles. The bowling machine is already home and the rest should be set up by the end of April.

Thanks to Geneva Sri Lanka CC for sharing the financial burden with respect to the netting system, in particular its President Sunil Perera. Thanks also to the following people who have given substantial donations to the Club to make this possible:

  • Hascal Gollop, President;
  • Nayyar Syed, Vice-President;
  • Faizan Ul-Haq, Secretary-General;
  • Anser Mehmood, Club Manager, Fixture Secretary and Captain;
  • Khurram Alvi, Vice-Captain;
  • Darius Rao, Secretary-Treasurer;
  • Saqib Aurangzeb, Full Member
  • Ronak Kamdar, Full Member

Let’s have a blast this season!

Un sponsor et des récompenses incroyables! Amazing awards and sponsorship!

Le Geneva Cricket Club, fondé en 1872, est fier d’annoncer que M. Saqib Aurangzeb, propriétaire de Kibs Tacos à Genève et de Kibs Restaurant à Abbottabad (Pakistan), a décidé de sponsoriser le club de cricket le plus prestigieux et ancien de Suisse.

Une belle enveloppe de 1000 francs a été donné au Club! 400 francs sont donnés à l’équipe pour la saison 2017; 200 francs sont octroyés à Darius Rao pour la meilleure progression de 2016; 200 francs sont octroyés à Idrees Haque pour le titre de meilleur batteur et 200 francs à Ronak Kamdar pour le titre de meilleur lanceur.

Le Geneva Cricket Club remercie chaleureusement Saqib pour sa générosité et son engagement au sein de l’équipe. Sa donation est cruciale pour le Club, qui par ailleurs appelle tous ses supporters et autres à se ruer à Kibs Tacos pour goûter aux meilleurs tacos de Suisse. Tout simplement!

Le restaurant Kibs Tacos est désormais un repère des fans du cricket et plus encore! Merci encore pour ce soutien inconditionnel!


The Geneva Cricket Club, founded in 1872, is proud to announce that Mr Saqib Aurangzeb, owner of  Kibs Tacos in Geneva (Switzerland) and Kibs Restaurant in Abbottabad (Pakistan), has decided to sponsor the oldest and most prestigious cricket club in Switzerland.

A marvelous envelope of 1000 Swiss francs (104’000 PKR) was given to the Club! 400 francs are given to the team for the 2017 season; 200 francs are granted to Darius Rao for the best progression of 2016; 200 francs are granted to Idrees Haque for his title of best batsman in 2016 and 200 francs to Ronak Kamdar for his title of best bowler.

The Geneva Cricket Club warmly thanks Saqib for his generosity and commitment to the team. His donation is crucial for the Club, which also calls all of its supporters and others to rush to Kibs Tacos to taste the best tacos of Switzerland. No doubts about it!

The restaurant Kibs Tacos is now a cricket fan base and more! Thanks again for this unconditional support!


Annual General Meeting 2017 Report

On 27 February 2017, the Annual General Meeting of the Geneva Cricket Club took place at the Madison Pub in la Servette.

Annual reports from Committee members and minutes of the previous AGM were all approved. Various amendments to the Constitution of the Club were adopted with the view of aligning it with the Swiss law and adapting it to the new management system. A Central Committee has been established and the Committee has been transformed into an Executive Committee. Furthermore, Members agreed on creating a new body for more accountability and transparency: a Statutory Auditor. All members of the  Central and the Executive Committee were elected unanimously.

Anser Mehmood has been voted in as Captain in both format of the game with unanimous support of all team members, which meant he preserved his role in the league games and replaced Saeed Raja in the T20 games. Khurram Alvi also garnered complete support to continue as Vice-Captain in all formats.

As provided in the amended Constitution of the club, a Statutory Auditor was elected for the very first time. Ahmad Daqiqui was thus elected unanimously to fill in the role.

Membership fees were maintained at CHF 200 for Full Members (CHF 150 for newcomers, students and unemployed).

Five new members were officially welcomed: Zahid Abdullrahimzi, Vignesh Sethuraman, Mian Ali Shah, Dalvinder Singh and Ashwin Vinod. New other members are also expected to join the club before the end of March!

Members were also briefed on the fact that Geneva CC obtained full Associate Status within Cricket Switzerland. Furthermore, the Treasurer of the Club, Darius Rao, talked to the Members about his initiative regarding the foundation of an “Association genevoise de cricket”, hoping to establish it by the end of the first semester this year. He mentioned also the two financial support requests made to the Fonds cantonal d’aide au sport and talked about the project to purchase a bowling machine and to improve the net installation system at the Bout-du-Monde.

Finally, Club Manager Anser Mehmood mentioned that official Match Managers will be nominated before every match. The meeting was then closed with a great speech from Vice-President Nayyar Syed, who called players to fight ferociously for trophies this year!

The Geneva Cricket Club is now an Associate Member of Cricket Switzerland


Full Member

In the process of its reintegration into the realm of Swiss cricket, the Geneva Cricket Club became an Affiliate Member to Cricket Switzerland (CS) last year. The objective for our Club was obviously to take it to the final stage by becoming a fully fledged member of the Swiss cricket federation.

Now the objective is accomplished! At the last Annual General Meeting of Cricket Switzerland on 18 February in Bern, Associate Members voted unanimously for elevating the status of our Club.

This means that Geneva CC has now voting rights and that it is automatically eligible to play any national competition under the auspices of Cricket Switzerland (we previously required an exceptional authorisation from the Members to do so). The Associate membership gives other rights to our Club, such as the power to propose amendments to the constitution or joining other Associates to call for an extraordinary General Meeting, etc.

The Geneva Cricket Club would like to thank everyone within and outside of Cricket Switzerland for making it possible. We are proud to be part of the great Swiss cricket family!

Indoor friendlies against GICC

The day that followed the Annual General Meeting, Geneva CC played two T20s against GICC at the indoor sports centre of the Bout-du-Monde in Champel. Not surprisingly, Geneva CC continued their long unbeaten run against GICC and were victorious in the two games:

First match: Geneva Cricket Club, 132 for 6 in 20 overs (Saqib 39*, Khurram 30 [retired], Leo 2-23), beat Geneva International Cricket Club, 106 all out in 20 overs (Leo 35, Khurram 2-5, Ali 2-7), by 26 runs

Second match: Geneva Cricket Club, 125 for 7 in 18.2 overs (Anser 40, Ali 27*, Girish 3-31), beat Geneva International Cricket Club, 123 for 7 in 20 overs (Viki 33, Massoud 1-13), by 3 wickets

Manager and Fixture Secretary Report

Ahead of our Annual General Meeting of 26 February 2017, our Fixture Secretary and Manager Anser Mehmood publishes his report on our website:

I am very thankful to the Committee and Full Members for giving me the chance to manage the club for a third year in row. The Club Committee and players contributed to make my responsibilities much easier.

2016 was the year of the real revival of the Geneva Cricket Club. The Club strengthened all units and witnessed various improvements. As a first step, the Club became an affiliate member of Cricket Switzerland. It played in both national competitions: the 40–over Cricket Switzerland Premier League and the Mr Pickwick T20 Cup. Second, the Club improved its presence in the media: it has now a fully functional website and is pretty active on social media (Facebook and Instagram). The match reports, photos and CricHQ are used very efficiently to improve data and info on our matches and players. The Club has also provided opportunities  for some players to attend umpiring courses to become official umpires.

The Club has played a record number of matches with 5 more matches than in 2015. The team played a total of 25 matches across all formats, i.e. 40-over league, Pickwick T20 and friendlies throughout Switzerland and also France. The Club also organised a number of practice sessions.

The team traveled to Lyon for the second consecutive year. For the first time after 15 years, the Club organised a weekend trip to the South of France at Entrecasteaux, where it played a 35-over game against Entrecasteaux CC. It was a mind-blowing experience on an exceptional cricket ground with unique hospitality and sunshine.

The Club managed to provide kits, some equipment, delicious food, refreshments and transportation throughout the cricket season. The Club as well organised for the players a barbecue and some team meetings. After every league game, a man of the match trophy was awarded to motivate the best player.

At the end of the year, Geneva CC visited the AncrAges association in Annemasse, France, where some players had a good time playing cricket with young refugees from Pakistan and Afghanistan. As they were so passionate about the game of cricket,the Club thereafter responded positively to play an official indoor cricket match in January 2017. The event was very well organised, packed with a good crowd and well publicised in social media and on the Cricket Switzerland website.

The Club finally organised in February 2017 an Annual Family Dinner after a long hiatus. The participation of more than 40 people, including members, players and volunteers from AncrAges was very much appreciated. Trophies were awarded to the best batsman, bowler and fielder of the year. A new trophy, the David Barmes Player of the Year, was awarded too.

All in all, the year was very successful and the Club bounced back very strongly. We are looking forward to a new vision, to success and to playing more competitive and friendly cricket within the spirit of cricket.

Distinguished regards,

Anser Mehmood

Geneva CC Annual Family Dinner

The Team

On 11 February, Geneva CC held up in Grand-Saconnex its annual family dinner. The annual family dinner of the club is actually an old tradition at the Geneva Cricket Club. After a few years of absence, Club Members thought that it was a good occasion to revive the custom, especially in light of a reinvigorated team!

Club Members and relatives were treated with delicious curry and awesome speeches by members of the Committee. Everyone was delighted to witness the come back of the oldest cricket club in Switzerland.

President Hascal Gollop summarising what needs to be achieved to win trophies this year!

It was also a good opportunity to distribute the new kit to the players who had not received it and to distribute prizes for the best players of the 2016 season:

Best fielder of the 2016 season was awarded to Afif Khan Khattak for his uncompromising and super sharp fielding (13 catches to his account).

Best bowler of the 2016 season was awarded to Ronak Kamdar for his outstanding bowling figures (21 wickets at an average and strike rate of 15.76 exactly) and his substantial improvement during the season.

Best batsman of the 2016 season was awarded to Idrees Ul Haque for topping the batsmen list with most runs scored in official matches (437 runs at an average of 54.63), three fifties and a century.

Best player of the 2016 season was awarded to skipper Anser Mehmood for his amazing all-round achievements (best bowling figures in official matches, most runs scored across all matches, best score of the season with 223 not out).

The Geneva Cricket Club is looking forward to new challenges this new year and hope to bring more exciting cricket to the fans!

From left to right: Captain Anser Mehmood, Secretary Faizan Ul Haq, Vice-President Nayyar Syed, President Hascal Gollop and T20 Captain Saeed Raja


Un match de cricket solidaire!


Le Geneva Cricket Club a récemment été sollicité par l’association AncrAges d’Annemasse (France) pour organiser un match de cricket solidaire avec des réfugiés afghans et pakistanais issus de Calais.

En effet, cela fait environ deux mois que ces réfugiés sont arrivés à Annemasse, où ils sont pris en charge par le Centre d’accueil et d’orientation pour mineurs. En constatant rapidement que ces jeunes étaient passionnés par le cricket, Tamimount Sammar (bénévole engagée d’AncrAges) a eu l’idée ingénieuse de contacter notre club pour organiser une petite rencontre qui s’est soldé par un succès.

La rencontret a recueilli tant d’enthousiasme qu’il a été décidé d’organiser un plus grand évènement, cette fois-ci ouvert au public. Grâce au soutien d’AncrAGes, la ville d’Annemasse et l’association ARIES, un match complet s’est déroulé le dimanche 22 janvier 2017 au gymnase Robert Sallaz, à Annemasse. Pour l’occasion, les jeunes réfugiés ont formé une équipe exclusive: le Annemasse Cricket Club! Et quelle équipe!

Devant plus d’une cinquantaine de spectateurs, l’évènement a débuté par une explication sur les règles de base du cricket. Le tirage à pile ou face a ensuite été gagné par Geneva CC et les joueurs d’Annemasse ont dû commencer par lancer la balle. Le match était arbitré par notre cher Président Hascal Gollop. Le capitaine d’Annemasse et certains autres joueurs ont démontré un talent indéniable et ont rapidement fait tombé le guichet! Avec plusieurs joueurs éliminés, le Geneva Cricket Club se trouvait dans une situation délicate. Grâce au sang-froid du capitaine Anser et au soutien de Khurram (vice-capitaine) et Ahmad, le Geneva CC a tout de même réussi à marquer 121 points en 16 séries (16 overs) pour 8 batteurs éliminés.


Durant la seconde manche, les joueurs d’Annemasse ont immédiatement voulu prendre les choses en main et ont tapé le plus fort qu’ils le pouvaient. Même si cela n’a pas été suffisant pour eux de gagner (85 points pour 9 en 16 séries), cela n’avait point d’importance. En effet, l’esprit et l’ambiance extraordinaire du match ont été les vrais gagnants! Le public au rendez-vous était également fantastique et l’organisation de l’évènement tout simplement parfaite. La nourriture apportée par les bénévoles était également délicieuse.

Le match s’est conclu par une remise de médailles et de trophée, puis par de chaleureux remerciements, tout cela accompagnés par une joueuse de cor des Alpes. En bref, du jamais vu à un match de cricket!

Le Geneva Cricket Club souhaiterait remercier du fond du coeur l’association AncrAges qui a permis de concrétiser une bien belle initiative. Pour notre part, nous avons fortement apprécié y participer et nous espérons que la chose se répétera dans le futur. Le sport peut jouer un rôle d’intégration significatif pour les communautés migrantes et nous sommes fiers de pouvoir y avoir contribué un peu. Peut-être le début d’une belle histoire?

Photo of the teams and volunteers. Geneva CC in black and Annemasse CC in white (we are not authorised to show their faces)


Évènement spécial à venir! Special event to come!

En français

À tous les amoureux et fans du cricket,

Le Geneva Cricket Club veut tout d’abord vous souhaiter une fantastique année 2017. Nous avons eu une bien belle saison en 2016 et nous avons bien l’intention de continuer sur la même voie! Notre club a plein de plans excitants pour l’année à venir and nous espérons sincèrement contribuer davanatge au dévelopment du sport dans la région.

Durant les vacances de Noël, les activités liées au cricket ont perduré et plusieurs de nos joueurs ont été impliqués dans un exercice de solidarité suivant l’appel d’une association française pour jouer un petit match avec des réfugiés basés à Annemasse. Le rassemblement a recueilli tant d’enthousiasme qu’il a été décidé d’organiser un plus grand évènement, ouvert au public cette fois-ci.

Avec le soutien de AncrAGes, la ville d’Annemasse, l’association ARIES and le Geneva Cricket Club, un autre match indoor (à l’intérieur)  aura lieu le dimanche 22 janvier prochain de 14:00 à 17:00 au Gymnase Robert Sallaz (2 rue Albert Curioz, 74100 Annemasse, France). L’entrée est gratuite et tous les profits seront reversés au bénéfice des jeunes réfugiés vivant à Annemasse.

Consultez le lien vers le site internet de Cricket Switzerland, qui promeut aimablement cet événement!

In English

To all cricket lovers and fans,

The Geneva Cricket Club would first like to wish you a fantastic year of 2017. We had an amazing season last year and we intend on keeping with the flow! Our club has a lot of exciting plans for this upcoming year and we sincerely hope that we can contribute further in developing the sport in the Geneva region.

During the Christmas holidays, cricket activities did not stall and some of our players were involved in a great solidarity exercise by responding to a call from a French association to play cricket with refugees based in Annemasse. The whole gathering garnered so much enthusiasm that it was decided to organise an even larger event, open to the public this time.

With the support of AncrAGes, the city of Annemasse, the association ARIES and the Geneva Cricket Club, another indoor match is set to take place on Sunday 22 January from 14:00 to 17:00 at the Gymnase Robert Sallaz (2 rue Albert Curioz, 74100 Annemasse, France). The entry is free of charge and all profits made from the event will be for the benefit of the young refugees living in Annemasse.

Check the link to the website of Cricket Switzerland, which is kindly promoting this event!




First Practice Session on 10 April

Brace yourselves gentleman and get ready for our first practice session of the season on 10 April at 12:00 AM!

Soon, very soon are the gloomy and chilly days of early spring over. Soon, very soon are the brighter and milder days of the cricket season coming. And what does this sound like for a GCC cricketer? Hard balls, nets, soft outfield, diving catches (well, one does not want to dive on the tough concrete ground we play during winter time).

The 2016 cricket season is on! GCC players are warming up and working out! The first official practice of the season is taking place on 10 April 2016, 12:00 AM, at the Bout-du-Monde. Make sure you will get there as all active players are required to come, unless you are getting married that day or travelling around the world, of course. This will be a great opportunity to spend some quality time at the crease, hit a few boundaries and getting ready for avoiding golden-feathered Daffys and Donalds.

It is time to oil the bat and practice in the nets.

See you at the ground gents!

Annual General Meeting 2016 Report

The Committee and Full Members of the Geneva Cricket Club convened the Annual General Meeting of the Club on 6 March 2016.  The Committee highlighted the fact that the Club obtained Affiliate status to Cricket Switzerland and wanted to congratulate all actors involved in the process.

Positions within the Committee were not changed. Two new Members were welcomed, namely Idrees Haque and Tariq Khan, who both played on various occasions for the Club in the past. Anser Mehmood  was elected new Captain for 40-over games while Saeed Raja remains Captain for T20 games this year.

As the Club is now back to play matches within official Swiss cricket competitions, a number of organisational matters were settled, mostly with respect to responsibilities related to ground managing, umpiring, scorekeeping, the provision of food and drinks during matches and the procurement of gear and equipment.



The Geneva Cricket Club Is Back in the Game!

After a 6-year hiatus, the Geneva Cricket Club has rejoined the heart of cricket competition in Switzerland. Indeed, at the General Annual Meeting of Cricket Switzerland on 27 February 2016, the Club has been granted affiliate status. The Club would like to extend its thanks to Cricket Switzerland for bringing us back in the game.

As everyone knows, GCC is the oldest cricket club in Switzerland. It has played a central role in promoting cricket throughout the Swiss mountains, valleys and cities for years and years. For instance, the first cricket association in Switzerland (originally named the Swiss Cricket Association) was founded in 1980 by the then President of the Club, Dr David Barmes. The first Secretary of the Association was also a member of the club, Mr Roger Johnson. Nowadays, the Club is headed by Hascal Gollop, a highly respected Barbadian cricket master, who has proudly represented the Club since… 1973!

By the way, Mr Gollop wrote down a few words for the Cricket Switzerland website that you can read here by clicking here.

While the Club does not play such important role in cricket governance any more, it aims at recovering one essential role it used to have: a leading actor in winning tournaments and lifting trophies! Of course, this has to be done in accordance with the beautiful values of the game: sportsmanship, respect and competitiveness.

Given the new dynamics and forthcoming challenges, the team decided to elect a new Captain for this year. The newly elected skipper is Anser Mehmood, who is known to be a lethal batsman, an efficient off-breaker and also a true gentleman. During the 2015 season, Anser scored more than 1000 runs, confirming that he is a top-class player in the League. Furthermore, Anser has played a crucial role for the club over the last couple of years by basically managing a myriad of matters related to the team: fixing dates for matches, overseeing expenditures, interacting with fellow cricket partners from other teams, and so on and so forth.

Also, our most respected senior player, Saeed Raja, retains captaincy for T20 matches.

GCC would like to wish all cricket lovers in Switzerland a wonderful season 2016!