2018 Annual General Meeting and Family Dinner

On 25 February 2018, the Geneva Cricket Club held its Annual General Meeting in the afternoon, followed by the Annual Family Dinner in the evening! You can find the agenda and minutes of the Annual General Meeting by clicking here (only in French).

Anser Mehmood, Captain and Club Manager of Geneva CC, distributed beforehand his 2017 Annual Activity Report summarising the season 2017.

Darius Rao, Secretary-Treasurer of Geneva CC, also shared with members the 2017 Club accounts, the 2017 balance sheet and the budget for the year 2018.

Priceless trophies for the best players of the season!

At the Annual Family Dinner, Club members were thrilled to share a hearty and spicy meal together with families and friends. Everyone seemed to be looking forward to an exciting 2018 season !

Trophies were distributed to the best players of the season:

Best player of the 2017 season

Khurram Alvi

Best batsman in 2017

Anser Mehmood

Best bowler in 2017

Afif Khan Khattak

Best fielder in 2017

Khurram Alvi

Khurram emotionally moved by his award and, of course, Leo in the background coming late, as usual

Also, a very new and special award was given to our lovely mascot, Massoud Kabir, who received the SUPER DUCK TROPHY 2017 for scoring the best ducks of the season

Massoud received the best trophy of the evening, hands down!
Awesome food for awesome people
Poor seniors of the Club have to listen to Darius trying really hard to be serious, which seldom happens
Our precious President Hascal giving Ronak departure gifts. Farewell Ronnie! You will be missed!
Classic photobomb to conclude a great evening