Year: 2017

Geneva Cricket Day 2017

Last Sunday, the Association Genevoise de Cricket (AGC) organised an event with the help of two of its founding members: the Geneva Cricket Club and the Geneva Region Youth Cricket Club (GRYCC).

The AGC is trying to bring Genevan cricket clubs together and further develop the sport in the region for both youth and adult players. This was the first time that the AGC organised a sporting event and obviously not the last. The AGC hopes it will pave the way for a stronger collaboration between local youth and adult clubs.

Four youth clubs participated in the event: GRYCC, Gingins CC, La Chat CC and Cossonay CC. About 25 players, aged between 12 and 17 years, practiced with senior players from Geneva and then played a competitive and super fun 18-over match. Squad A, captained by Ethan from GRYCC, won the toss against Squad B, captained by Nikhil from Gingins. Squad B scored 72 runs in the first innings. Squad A chased the target in less than 15 overs with 4 wickets in hand. Both teams displayed great fighting spirit and some youngsters even impressed older ones, particularly with their bowling!

The junior’s game was followed by a match played between adults from Geneva CC and Onex-based Geneva XI Stars. Geneva Cricket Club, 200 for 5 in 19.2 overs (Kashif 53, Khurram 34*), beat Geneva XI Stars Cricket Club, 199 for 6 in 20 overs (Raja 57, Kashif 2-24), by 5 wickets.

Thanks to all children, parents and clubs that have come to participate in this awesome day, which will hopefully not be the only one of its kind!



Bitter finish to a good season

Last year, the Geneva Cricket Club reintegrated the main cricket governing body in Switzerland and managed quite a feat by reaching the final stages of both the national T20 cup and the national 40-over league. The same has been repeated this year, with this time higher hopes of reaching perhaps the final, or even lifting a trophy. The latest results show that hard work and further practice is still required for the young and mostly unexperienced team to fulfil its dream: put back the oldest cricket club in the country on the map!

Geneva CC lost both the semi-final of the T20 Cup and the quarter-final of the Premier League… exactly like last year… The season is not finished though and plenty of time remains for the club to refine its fine pool of talents. Thinking ahead is the motto and preparations for the next season are necessary to guarantee a larger success for the years to come.

You will find below a very short summary of the two crucial matches that took place in the last two weeks.

1) Geneva CC v. Olten CC, semi-final of the Pickwick T20 Cup in Schonau, Bern, 20 August 2017

(Click on the results below to see the full scorecard!)

Geneva Cricket Club, 79 all out in 16.4 overs (JK 3-11, Tharani 3-12, Ali 3-17), lost to Olten Cricket Club, 81 for 1 in 8.4 overs (Shahid 47*), by 9 wickets

Geneva CC first lost in an disastrous manner in the semi-final of the Pickwick T20 Cup on 20 August. An absolute breakdown of the batting order gave an easy win to Olten CC, which displayed some very fine bowling and fielding.


2) Geneva CC v. Olten CC, quarter-final of the Premier League in Bout-du-Monde, Geneva, 27 August 2017

(Click on the results below to see the full scorecard!)

Geneva Cricket Club, 185 all out in 34.5 overs (Anser 42, Gowree 3-25), lost to Olten Cricket Club, 186 for 9 in 37.5 overs (JK 45, Zahid 2-32), by 1 wicket

The last game on Sunday 27 August was a totally different affair. The Geneva Blacks had in mind the ruthless pace attack of Olten, therefore they had to play safely. Geneva CC started batting and went through the first 20 overs in a consistent and solid fashion, losing 3 wickets for 104 runs. Captain Anser gave a few beautiful stroked with crushing hooks and some nice cover and cut drives, but he was dismissed leg before wicket by JK in the 12th over. Ashwin looked very solid and kept his bat straight like a stick. Prospects looked pretty good, definitely not ominous like last time. The second part of the first innings was a totally different game, as the crucial wickets of Ashwin and Khurram were taken in the first over that followed the break. Panic ensued and the normally solid middle order crumbled down like a castle of cards. Nevertheless, Massoud at no 7 and Afif at the very end of the tail held up and gathered a 42-run partnership to bring the total to a low 185. Still a defendable score in Bout-du-Monde, although not an easy one to contain.

Olten CC started their batting at a very convincing run rate. They nonetheless had to take into account the great energy and fighting spirit put up by the hosts. Smart fielding positions allowed the first wicket to fall off Ashwin’s very first ball (nice regulation catch by Leo at deep third man). Ashwin and Afif both continued their amazing first spells and four wickets fell in 9 overs. A great super high catch by Habib at deep square leg and some fine wicketkeeping by Idrees – including a swift direct hit – put Geneva in a good position. Anser and Zahid then stepped up and capitalised greatly on the momentum by scalping three more Olten players. The drinks break was taken in the 15th over after Zahid hit a batsman in the helmet with a tremendous bouncer. The score was at 77 for 7 and Genevans could smell the victory in the air. The eighth wicket fell in the 19th over after Ronak gave Ali a tough ball to catch. 96 for 8. Olten CC needed 90 runs to win in 129 balls with just 2 wickets in hand.

And that is the beauty of cricket (actually a nightmare for Geneva that day!). A match that was supposed to be won slipped away slowly and steadily. JK and Sathees put up quite a fight and batted excellently, leaving all balls pitched outside the line of the stumps and putting away the bad ones. They also provided bowlers with plenty of swing-and-miss chances, but none of them gave a nick or a good enough edge to be taken. Geneva’s players did not lose their motivation, but the confidence insidiously faded away. JK was finally dismissed in the 28th over after giving a big top edge to the keeper. Olten needed 33 runs to win. Just like in the first innings, the tenth wicket partnership was good enough to add precious runs. Kudos to Olten’s batsmen who managed to reach the target in a brilliant manner.

It was quite a stunning and bitter defeat for Geneva to digest. The match should have been won, despite a rather low total. Olten showed incredible resilience and deserved wholefully to win the match. Hopefully, this will serve as a lesson and a valuable experience for the next seasons to come for the Geneva Cricket Club!


Geneva Blacks did it again!

Cossonay, 13 August 2017, Cossonay CC v. Geneva CC, Pickwick T20 Cup

(Click on the results below to see the full digital scorecard!)

Cossonay 116 for 5 in 20 overs (Sriniketh 35, Afif 3-25), lost to Geneva Cricket Club, 118 for 3 in 14 overs (Dalvinder 51*, Ali 38), by 7 wickets

A decisive match for Geneva CC to win in order to qualify for the semi-finals of the Pickwick T20 Cup. Losing would have meant being out of the final stage. That would have been a sad cricketing disaster for the Geneva Blacks.

Thanks to an amazing bowling and fielding performance, Geneva CC managed to restrain the hosts to 116 runs in 20 overs. With numerous direct hits, good running on the field and constant pressure, Geneva CC showed their true colours. Cossonay fought well, but did not score enough to keep the favours on their side.

The first innings started excellently for Geneva CC. Afif took two amazing consecutive wickets in the third over: a beautiful catch given to Ronak at deep square leg was followed by superb tight line bowling that dismissed skipper Sathya for a classical slick catch at first slip by Khurram. To end his first spell, Afif took a mind-blowing third wicket with a killer unplayable yorker. After 5 overs, hosts were at 20 for 3. A smart decision by Anser, Geneva CC’s captain, was to bring spinners early as Cossonay’s ground is large and that runs were crucially needed. Good option indeed. Khurram came and took a wicket maiden for his first over and ended up with figures of 4-1-8-1. Anser leaked few runs except in his last over but the damage was done. Sriniketh and Vikas were scoring few runs but had a decent ongoing partnership. The pair managed to add a bit less than 50 runs to their total in the last 5 overs and Cossonay reached 116 runs in 20 overs with 5 wickets down.

After the break, the great opening pair of Anser and Ali came determined to chase with consistency, but all were left in awe when Rohit took Anser’s wicket off the first ball of the second innings. A careless shot got the best of the captain. Idrees then stepped in and got out in just two balls, giving Rohit a double wicket maiden in the first over. Geneva’s batsmen started to feel the pressure, but Dalvinder coming at 2 down struck two sixes in the following over, including the shot of the day with a super straight unstoppable six. Pressure released. Ali and DC then went on to score solid runs, with only the opening bowler Rohit giving them a hard time. Ali was dismissed in the 9th over, but only 36 runs were needed with 7 wickets in hand and 63 balls remaining. Dalvinder cruised to his first half-century of the season with a hook shot for six and scores were tied. Geneva CC won by 7 wickets and qualified for the semi-finals!

Stay tuned as Geneva CC will play the semi-finals this Sunday 20 August 2017 at 9:30 in Bern against Olten CC. If we win, we will play the final at 16:15. Let us keep our fingers crossed for a challenging and breathtaking final showdown!

Geneva CC top of the league!

Since the last time we published an article at the beginning of July, Geneva CC had two friendlies and played three victorious official matches in the Cricket Switzerland Premier League. The result: qualification to the quarter-finals of the Premier League by topping the Western Division… just like last year! Yeaaaaah! So the hardest part is yet to come: we first need to qualify for the T20 Cup semi-finals and then play the quarter-finals of the League.

You will find below the links to the scorecard of the matches played since 2 July and also a little description of our last game against Geneva Sri Lankan Cricket Club.

Bachgraben, Basel, 16 July 2017, Basel CC v. Geneva CC, friendly 40-over match

(Click on the results below to see the full digital scorecard!)

Basel Cricket Club, 92 for 4 in 15.3 overs, beat Geneva Cricket Club, 89 all out in 18.2 overs, by 6 wickets


Bachgraben, Basel, 16 July 2017, Basel CC v. Geneva CC, friendly T20 match

(Click on the results below to see the full digital scorecard!)

Basel Cricket Club, 160 for 6 in 20 overs (Julian 42, Aamir 3-11), beat Geneva Cricket Club, 158 for 7 in 20 overs (Leo 52), by 2 runs


Bout-du-Monde, Geneva, 23 July 2017, Geneva CC v. Cossonay CC, CSPL

(Click on the results below to see the full digital scorecard!)

Geneva Cricket Club, 349 all out 39.3 overs (Anser 96, Habib 64, Vikas 2-31), beat Cossonay Cricket Club, 246 for 7 in 40 overs (Andrew 86, Sathya 59, Sriniketh 55, Ronak 5-52), by 103 runs


Bout-du-Monde, Geneva, 30 July 2017, GICC CC v. Geneva CC, CSPL

(Click on the results below to see the full digital scorecard!)

Geneva International CC, 163 all out in 37 overs (Amar 44, Ashwin 3-25), lost to Geneva Cricket Club, 164 for 7 in 33.1 overs (Anser 71, Khurram 33*, Pranjal 3-22, Balihar 3-34), by 3 wickets


Bout-du-Monde, Geneva, 6 August 2017, GSLCC v. Geneva CC, CSPL

(Click on the results below to see the full digital scorecard!)

Geneva Sri Lankan Cricket Club, 129 all out in 37.2 overs (Anser 3-14, Afif 3-29), lost to Geneva Cricket Club, 130 for 0 in 9.5 overs (Anser 66*, Ali 54*), by 10 wickets

This match was expected to be one of the most challenging game of the season, but unexpectedly ended as a one-sided contest. Last time Geneva CC played against GSLCC, the latter won in a dramatic fashion: their skipper Mounir needed to score a six off the very last ball after a hard chase to reach the target of 230 runs in 20 overs… The match on Sunday 6 August was a totally different tale.

Geneva CC’s bowling attack proved to be more than lethal. Good length balls on a tight line combined with occasional sharp bounce put the Lankans under tremendous pressure. In the first innings, Geneva CC took 3 wicket maidens and 7 other maidens. GSLCC had a hard time to score as they were confronted by the sharp pace of the opening pair of youngsters (Afif and Ashwin) backed by super fast Zahid and cunning/astute bowlers like Kashif and Ronak. Also, GCC’s skipper Anser (7-4-14-3) turned the game around with his precise offspinning skills. Fielding was also superb. Great running catches by Afif and Idrees made spectators holding their breath in awe and the wicketkeeping by Ahmad was just excellent. The poor hosts had nothing going on their way that day. Despite the fight given by Ravi and Idrees Hamidi at the tail, the batting was not enough to keep the hosts’ heads above water.

The innings finished with Idrees Hamidi giving a high loopy top edge to Ahmad in the 38th over. Final score: 129. Cricket remains cricket and any fan would know that the target of 130 runs was still a defendable one. Geneva CC players came on the field with a serious advantage. They nonetheless had to take into account the agressive bowling from Idrees and swinging balls from Lalantha and Wadood. It therefore came as a surprise that most of the balls bowled by GESLCC players were too short, too wide and too predictable. Opening batsmen Anser and Ali wiped out the opposition one by one, hitting balls all around the park. Ali was dropped twice, but Anser looked solid like a rock. Both reached their half-century and brought Geneva CC to a quick victory in just under 10 overs. Geneva CC won by 10 wickets with 181 balls remaining.

This victory has put Geneva CC at the top of the table of the Western Division of the Cricket Switzerland Premier League. Since Geneva CC joined back the main governing body of cricket in the country, it has been able to top the ranking in the western part of the country.

Now, this means that quarter-finals will be played at home against an unknown opponent (for now) on 27 September. Stay tuned for more cricket!

Aamir’s five-for and Ali’s half-ton bring victory to GCC

Bout-du-Monde, Genève, 2 July 2017, Pickwick T20 Cup Geneva CC vs Rhône CC

(Click on the results below to see the full digital scorecard!)

Geneva Cricket Club, 99 for 2 in 11.2 overs (Ali 71*), beat Rhône Cricket Club, 97 all out in 15.2 overs (Aamir 5-19), by 8 wickets

Geneva CC came out victorious from a rather one-sided battle against opponents from the Rhône Cricket Club of Lyon. A wet field and overcast skies rendered the playing conditions far from being ideal. Having won the toss, Geneva CC decided therefore to field first. The game started off amazingly for the opening bowling pair. In the second over, Aamir did not lose motivation after his third ball was imprudently dropped at mid-on. Indeed, three wickets came out of the three consecutive legal deliveries (c. Afif, c. Yash†, wide, lbw) with a little wide preventing the hat-trick. But let’s just say it was still a hat-trick! Aamir went on to finish his quota of four overs and claimed two other crucial wickets to register the first (long awaited) five-wicket haul of the season for Geneva CC (Aamir 5-19 with an economy rate of 4.75).

The visitors were at 40 for 5 in 6 overs and went on to continue losing their wickets. RCC captain’s Peter Antony’s resilient innings combined with three expensive overs and too many extras led Rhône CC to an accumulation of 97 runs in 15.2 overs (all out).

With a rather small score to chase for the Bout-de-Monde, Geneva CC’s batsmen walked on the field with a relaxed attitude. The start of the innings was slow. Ali was dropped on 6 by the keeper and went on to score 71 runs not out. It actually took 8 overs for the hosts to accelerate, especially after two wickets were wasted away. Dalvinder lended Ali a useful hand and both batters reached the target after 11.2 overs. Geneva CC won by 8 wickets.

Now, the team’s next objective in the T20 Cup is to win the last group phase match against Cossonay CC on 13 August. With hard work and a bit of luck, Geneva CC will qualify for the semi-finals!

Ticking boxes: another victory for Geneva CC

CERN Cricket Ground, Prévessin, 18 June 2017, Premier League match CERN CC vs Geneva CC

(Click on the results below to see the full digital scorecard!)

CERN Cricket Club, 214 all out in 34.3 overs (Francis 69, Matthew 59, Kashif 3-37, Anser 3-45), lost to Geneva Cricket Club, 215 for 4 in 19.5 overs (Idrees 90, Anser 46), by 6 wickets

CERN won the toss and elected to bat on great day sunny day to play cricket. The match started well for the visitors. Indeed, Ali took early two important wickets (misjudged cut by Matthew carried the ball into the safe hands of Khurram at second slip and Imtiaz bowled out by an inside edge), but opener Paul and Francis at 2 down were careful in their batting approch. Both started accumulating many runs, thanks mostly to Paul stabbing bad balls towards boundaries and Francis rotating the strike. The whole game then changed in the 15th over. After blasting a six, Paul (59 off 48 balls) got dismissed in the following ball by a classical yorker from left-handed bowler Kashif. In the next 15 balls, a single run was scored and four wickets were taken! Anser took first Nadeem’s wicket for (wicket maiden) and then Kashif struck again to snatch two consecutive wickets (double wicket maiden this time). The hosts went from 89 for 2 to 90 for 6 in less than 3 overs.

All seemed doomed for CERN CC, but Francis (there again) and Wasim started to give a bit of a hard time to Geneva. Francis was dropped twice. Wasim did most of the bat talking. Anser brought the momentum back by taking two wickets in one over. After 28 overs, CERN CC had 141 for 8. Elmer coming in at number 10 then started with a great sweeping shot for six. Both batsmen built up a partnership of 70 until Francis was finally bowled by Afif (69 off 58 balls). Last wicket followed suit quickly after Afif crashed the stumps with a direct hit to run out Saud for a diamond duck. The poor young fellow slipped and could not do much to save himself. CERN managed nonetheless a great feat by bringing the score up from 90 for 6 to 214 all out.

After an absolutely delicious lunch break (always a highlight of matches at the CERN), Idrees and Anser stepped in and went straight into the innings. No time to waste for Geneva CC’s openers. In ten overs, 106 runs were scored. Both made boundaries rain with crunchy off drives and thunderous pulls. It took 79 balls (including wides and no balls) for CERN CC to finally dismiss someone. Anser gave a healthy nick from Saud’s ball to wicketkeeper Matthew (46 off 41 balls). Ali joined Idrees and just mimicked him by hitting boundaries after boundaries.

After Idrees was run out following a strange miscommunication with his teammate (90 off… 41 balls!), 34 runs were required to win with 145 balls remaining. Ali was then bowled out and Habib too, but it was too late for CERN. Yash scored the winning four and gave the third consecutive victory to Geneva CC in the Swiss Premier League. Overall, it was rather a one-sided match, albeit CERN’s demonstration of great pertinacity in their innings. Geneva’s victory now means that the oldest club in Switzerland is very close to qualify for the Premier League’s quarter finals, while CERN has now very slim chances to reach the final stages.

Breathtaking contest between two great rivals ended up in unexpected victory

Bout-du-Monde, Genève, 11 June 2017, Premier League match Geneva CC vs Geneva XI Stars

(Click on the results below to see the full digital scorecard!)

Geneva Cricket Club, 257 for 9 in 40 overs (Leo 78, Kashif 64, Asghar 3-57), beat Geneva XI Stars Cricket Club, 233 all out in 36.4 overs (Arjun 80, Ali 3-29, Afif 3-39), by 24 runs

Matches between Geneva CC and XI Stars are always a treat to watch. This one was no exception as the hosts snatched a victory from nowhere! Indeed, Geneva CC went from a desperate 70 for 6 in only 18 overs to an inspiring 257 for 9 at the end of their innings. After 18 overs, the visitors had scored 83 runs and had lost 3 wickets. Geneva CC went on to bowl them out with 20 balls remaining and won by 24 runs!

XI Stars started on the good foot by dismissing hard hitter Ali for a duck in the first over of the match. Opening bowlers Jasbir and Asad put immense pressure from the very beginning, a pressure that Geneva’s top and middle order could not withhold. Bowling contributions from Asghar and Raja were outstanding too, thanks also to a super effective performance from wicketkeeper Pappu (great catches by the little power-stacked man!). Wickets fell repeatedly and the only tough man to stand was Viki (14 off 48 balls), witnessing his comrades falling one after another. It is only when Kashif came after Khurram was dismissed at 70 for 6 that the innings started to change for Geneva. Clean hits and powerful hits on the leg side propelled the team with 70-odd additional runs. The outlook somehow looked bleak as Kashif (64 off 35 balls) was lbw’ed by Arjun in the 29th over (152 for 8). But Leo, the man of the day with 78 runs from 41 balls, was there to show that the tail could float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. With Dalvinder on the other end, the 9th wicket partnership accumulated an astounding 90 runs. Leo was dropped by Jasbir but continued to show pure ruthlessness on the pitch. Dalvinder finished the innings on a high by blasting 3 sixes and 1 four off his last seven balls.

XI Stars came to bat with confidence, despite that they lost the opportunity to trash their adversaries in one fell swoop. The target of 258 was reachable with patience and smart technique. Opener Raja was dropped straight away by Leo in the first over, although he redeemed himself by catching him on the next over… only to be ruled out by the umpire as the ball seemingly touched the ground. Next ball, Ali caught-and-bowled a dolly given by the President of XI Stars. Afif and Ali continued their dominating streak and did not give much leeway to Waleed and Aman. The breakthrough came when Afif took the second and third scalp in the fourth over of his first spell. Aman was caught one-handed by Kashif at mid-off (hard straight hit!) and Kuldeep went out for a bronze duck thanks to an awesome tight line and superb catch by wicketkeeper Habib. With the scoreboard displaying a grim 25 for 3, Arjun (80 off 60 balls) stepped in and showed class by taking his time to watch the ball and put away the bad ones. The change of pace did good to the bowling side. Skipper Anser came to pitch a few offbreaks and combined with fast-paced deliveries from Dalvinder. Waleed retiring hurt for cramps at 15.4 overs came at an opportune time as his strike rate was not good enough to keep up with the required rate of +8 (Waleed had 12 off 44 balls when he retired).

Lalit was then dismissed by Khurram’s second valid delivery thanks to an outstanding diving catch from Ali. Arjun’s dismissal in the 27th over was crucial. Dalvinder thanked gracefully Afif for finally concretising his awesome bowling with a tight catch. The game was slowly and steadily slipping away from the visitors, but the batting depth of XI Stars was not to be taken lightly. 93 runs were required off 13 overs (78 balls), a mission not-impossible for big hitters such as Pappu and Houmayun. The die was cast when Kashif took out the dangerous Pappu (35 off 20 balls). 212 for 7 in 32.3 overs. Divine judgement ultimately struck in the 36th over. Ali took two consecutive wickets, including the precious one of Houmayun. 24 runs were required to win in 20 balls. Waleed came back on the field but could not help much. He faced two balls and left the strike to number 10 Asad, who got expelled lawfully from the ground by Afif’s slick bowling.

Geneva players let out a big roar and celebrated a deserved victory coming from the brink of a catastrophe. XI stars definitely had the upper hand, but lost their cool and gave it away to a fighting side. We are all looking forward to seeing other matches like this in the Premier League this year!

Compelling victory for the first Premier League match

Parc de Parilly, Vénissieux, France, 4 June 2017, Premier League match vs Rhône CC

(Click on the results below to see the full digital scorecard!)

Geneva Cricket Club, 357 all out in 39 overs (Idrees 88, Viki 70, Leo 68, Khurram 50, Syed Ahmed 5-58), beat Rhône Cricket Club, 147 all out in 23.1 overs (Jenil 48, Afif 2-17), by 210 runs

Geneva CC started the 2017 Premier League on the right foot. The oldest club in Helvetia moved to the Lyon area in France to play against the newcomers in the Swiss championship, the Rhône Cricket Club. After a somewhat erratic start of the season with jaw-dropping victories and losses, it was crucial to kick off in a positive manner.

In the first innings, Geneva CC’s middle order proved essential in accumulating runs that pushed the team to the top. A stellar performance by Idrees (88 runs in 43 balls with 9 sixes and 5 fours) assisted by sensitive strike-rotating skills from the vice-captain Khurram (50 runs in 47 balls) and an awesome 124-run partnership between Viki and Leo (70 off 58 and 68 off 43 respectively) gave the visitors a strong total of 357 runs to defend. Viki and Leo both registered their first half-centuries of the season and hopefully not their last!

The second innings concluded quite early, with only 139 legal deliveries bowled. Geneva CC’s bowling was not economical, but outstanding fielding efforts gave a great advantage to the visitors. Indeed, two players with broken fingers (Idrees and Afif) took brilliant one-handed catches; Khurram took a one-handed diving blinder at point; and Ali received a super swift ball in the palms of his hand while staying at first slip. Please note that our skipper Anser and Yash took a wicket on the very first ball they bowled too! In the end, Rhône CC were all dismissed in the 24th over with 157 runs in hand.

Plenty of work lies ahead for Geneva CC to improve its game. We are looking forward to our next match next Sunday against XI Stars at home!

Strange day for Geneva CC with an astounding record, broken fingers and a disappointing loss


Lex Evaux, 28 May 2017, Pickwick T20 Cup vs XI Stars and XI Stars Seniors

Last Sunday, Geneva CC visited les Evaux to play against the two T20 teams of Geneva XI Stars. The day promised to be exciting, but the excitement abated as soon as the hosts displayed how slick they are in circumventing the Spirit of Cricket.

First match vs XI Stars Seniors

(Click on the results below to see the full digital scorecard!)

Geneva Cricket Club, 400 for 3 in 20 overs (Idrees 119*, Ali 105, Anser 95), beat Geneva XI Stars Seniors, 98 all out in 16.4 overs (Aamir 3-15, Kashif 2-2), by 302 runs

Indeed, the first match was to be played at 11:30 against XI Stars and the second match at 14:30 against XI Stars Seniors. It was unfortunately not a surprise for us to quickly realise that only players from the latter were here before the toss. As per the Cricket Switzerland Twenty20 rules, XI Stars should have forfeited the first match. Our team asked the neutral umpire to take a decision, but such thing was ultimately left in the hands of the teams’ captains.

With the decision upon us, we could only act the way we tend to do: in line with the Spirit of Cricket and by giving everybody a chance to play. Our lenience towards unprofessionalism and laziness might have costed us the second match, but we were here to play cricket and have fun. We thus accepted to play the first match against the weaker GXI Seniors (which, by the way, was composed nearly exclusively of youngsters that day, but that is irrelevant), even though we were aware that such outcome would undoubtedly favour the main XI Stars team.

The whole mess was not over yet… the first match started late because four players from GXI Seniors were not wearing the same jerseys. The masquerade lasted 9 overs and until then, only 7 players were fielding! Furthermore, GXI Seniors played with an unregistered player, underlining again the lack of consideration that the hosts have for rules.

The game ended up being the most one-sided match we have ever witnessed in a Swiss national competition. Exactly 400 runs were scored in the first innings, thanks to two roaring centuries from Idrees (119 not out) and Ali (105) and a authoritative 95 runs from our skipper Anser. It is the largest known score ever recorded in a Pickwick T20 Cup match. Idrees also equaled Ali’s record of scoring 100 runs in 29 balls! From 300 runs reached in 16.4 overs, the ultimate score of 400 runs was reached only 20 legal deliveries after!!! Crazy stuff

It was very obvious that many of the GXI Seniors’ players were not regular cricketers and had plenty of difficulties on the field, with the bat and the ball too. Despite the insane scoring, the bad organisation tainted the feeling of victory and left a bitter taste in our mouths.

Second match v XI Stars

The second match was a totally different business as XI Stars aligned with their main players. Despite our team fielding two players with broken fingers, two others with neck and back injuries and despite also the fact that six of our players were fasting that day, we came on the field convinced that we could win this match. Challenge was taken!

(Click on the results below to see the full digital scorecard!)

Geneva XI Stars, 213 for 8 in 20 overs (Raja 78, Houmayoun 49, Afif 4-41), beat Geneva Cricket Club, 157 all out in 15.5 overs (Kashif 48, Raja 4-26), by 56 runs

Geneva CC started with the bowling and Afif took two superb wickets in the first over by crashing Kuldeep’s leg stump for a golden duck and tricking Mamdi into a missed slog that ended up in Kashif’s hands at mid off. Lalit at no 4 fell in Afif’s second over (21 for 3 in 4 overs), leaving Raja and captain Houmayun with the difficult task to build up their innings. They did so beautifully, with Raja hitting big shots out of the park. The two built up a great partnership, only to be broken in the 12th over by Dalvinder who took a nonchalant catch at deep square leg from Ronak’s bowling. Despite Ali’s great spinning efforts and a very decent fielding performance, Geneva CC’s bowlers could not properly stem the flow of runs of the lower middle order. Moreover, Ronak broke his left thumb while attempting to take a return catch. Another victim to the hard ball!

XI Stars reached a good score of 213 runs for 8 wickets. Definitely chaseable on that ground. Nonetheless, the second innings proved to be too much for some of our players who simply could not play their natural game. Empty bellies and a scorching sun took the best of our own stars. We cannot take away the intelligent bowling performance from XI Stars though. By bowling slow on a pitch that is already fast like a snail, our main batsmen fell quickly. Four wickets fell in the first four overs. Leo and Kashif then started to chase the score slowly but steadily, to the point that the over comparison with XI Stars’ innings was holding. No bleak outlook at this stage, but the only issue was that too many wickets were down. With Leo and Kashif dismissed, Raja guillotined the team in the 14th and 16th overs by taking four wickets. The hosts won by 56 runs.

Now, there is only one thing left for us to do: practice and work hard to ensure that our two last games in the Pickwick T20 Cup can be won!


Crazy match, crazy loss!

Bout-du-Monde, Genève, 21 May 2017, Pickwick T20 Cup vs GESLCC

(Click on the results below to see the full digital scorecard!)

Geneva Cricket Club, 229 for 9 in 20 overs (Idrees 65, Ali 48, Uddika 3-36), lost to Geneva Sri Lankan Cricket Club, 230 for 8 in 20 overs (Majuran 98, Krishanta 52, Afif 4-26), by 2 wickets

A crazy match indeed. GESLCC needed a 6 off the very last ball of their innings to win and Mounir provided them with that amazing delight!

Geneva CC started very strongly. Great batting efforts from the top and middle order helped reaching the amazing score of 229. At some point, even a +250 score seemed attainable, if wickets did not fall repeatedly from the 14th over.

The hosts (GESLCC) started their innings in an equally strong fashion. The first, third and fourth wicket partnership totaled 174 runs together and the game went to a nail-biting finish with 11 runs required off the last over to win. Even though skipper Anser took a wicket, the following ball was dropped and “just” a six was required to win the match. Nothing more. Mounir on strike went on and hit as hard as he could to dispatch the required six off the last ball to grasp a jaw-dropping victory.

Congrats to GESLCC for their ruthless batting. Geneva CC’s fielding and bowling errors proved too costly but nothing is too late to correct those mistakes!

The Pickwick T20 Cup promises to be very exciting this year. Make sure to join us next Sunday at les Evaux as Geneva CC is facing both teams from Geneva XI Stars.


First Official Match of the Season, Records Broken!

Bout-du-Monde, Genève, 14 May 2017, Pickwick T20 Cup vs GICC

(Click on the results below to see the full digital scorecard!)

Geneva International Cricket Club, 150 for 9 in 20 overs (Sanket 35, Ali 3-12, Kashif 3-25), lost to Geneva Cricket Club, 154 for 0 in 10 overs (Ali 104*, Anser 43*), by 10 wickets

Geneva  CC has started  the official 2017 cricket season with a blast! A big victory was taken versus home rivals Geneva International CC with Ali scoring the fasted century we know of in a T20 match.

Hosts GICC won the toss, decided to bat and started strong despite losing a couple of wickets. 100 runs were reached in just 67 balls, with batsmen assisted by undisicplined bowling and a couple of dropped catches. The slow over rate (nearly 3 overs late) contributed to Geneva CC’s nervosity, but it was not too late to have a strong  comeback, which actually happened for the “visitors” thanks to great bowling pressure from Ali and Ronak. Ali dismissed both set batsmen Bakir (11) and Sanket (35) in his first spell with glorious fielding efforts of Kashif and Dalvinder. Geneva CC bowlers continued bowling on a tight line and ultimately, GICC managed to score 150 for 9 wickets in 20 overs.

Geneva CC thus finished the first innings with a positive attitude thanks to effective work on the field as well as making up for the lagging over rate.

The second innings was just out of this world. A totally different business with the two opening batsman showing great batting skills and absolute relentlessness. Captain Anser and Ali went for a decent target, not seemingly too hard on the high scoring ground of the Bout-du-Monde. Both batsmen started with a positive and relaxed attitude. Ali in particular got into the game really hard and quick by hitting sixes out of the park. On the other end Geneva CC’s skipper rotated intelligently the strike to find his way into the innings. At the end of the fourth over, both teams shared the exact same score (GICC had nonetheless lost two wickets at that stage), but Ali got into the fifth over by blasting 4 consecutive sixes. Ali completed his fastest century (104*) ever with a match-winning six on the last ball of the ninth over. All of this done in… 29 balls, with 14 sixes, 3 fours and an astounding strike rate of 358.62. Anser scored 43 runs in 31 balls with 4 fours and 3 sixes. GICC bowlers were totally out of line and had a very bad day on the field, especially after dropping both openers… but it was too late to rectify the misses!
Geneva CC is looking forward to continuing scoring many many runs for the upcoming matches and wishes GICC better luck for the season. Special thanks to the Cricket Switzerland umpires Paul and Philippe, as they conducted the game with the best spirit possible.

2017 International Tour to Entrecasteaux

Entrecasteaux, France, 29-30 April 2017, friendly 35-over matches vs Entrecasteaux CC and Monte-Carlo CC

Geneva CC visited last weekend Entrecasteaux in South of France to play against the local team and a mixed side composed of Monte-Carlo CC players and also some players from Entrecasteaux CC. Geneva CC came with a crew of 12 motivated guys (including 3 non-players) to fight back for the miserable defeat inflicted on us a year ago by Entrecasteaux CC.

Despite not having a complete team, we managed to get our “revenge” and on Saturday, we beat Entrecasteaux by 58 runs thanks to an excellent batting performance from Habib (69 runs in 74 balls) and Ali (31 runs in 33 balls) as well as a flawless bowling work from Dalvinder (2 for 19 in 7 overs). Entrecasteaux’s captain Chaminda Perera proved to be a tough nut to crack that day, until our skipper Anser bowled him out cleanly to give the win to our team!

(Click on the results below to see the full digital scorecard!)

Geneva Cricket Club, 186 for 6 in 35 overs (Habib 69, Ali 31, Cliff 2-39), beat Entrecasteaux Cricket Club, 131 all out in 25.5 overs (Chaminda 59, Massoud 2-11), by 58 runs



The following day proved to be a difficult one due to nearly two consecutive sleepless (but enjoyable!) nights and too much driving around. Geneva CC played against Monte-Carlo CC from Monaco – the team also included a couple of key players from Entrecasteaux CC – only to lose by 7 runs with one wicket in hand. Habib scored again a half-century (60 runs) and Dalvinder bowled again superbly (2 for 24 in 7 overs), but this was unfortunately not enough to win. Brad Edwards and Chaminda batted too well and bowled intelligently too, which ultimately propelled the hosts to victory.

(Click on the results below to see the full digital scorecard!)

Monte-Carlo Cricket Club, 207 for 6 in 35 overs (Brad 78, Chaminda 50, Dalvinder 2-24), beat Geneva Cricket Club, 200 for 9 in 35 overs (Habib 60, Vishnu 3-29, Brad 3-36), by 7 runs

Kudos to our cricket debutantes Sahed for taking a tremendous catch at deep extra cover in the first match and Mehmet in the second match for scoring his very first run! Props to Afif too, as he scored 14 runs in the second match, despite having a broken thumb because he dropped a difficult diving catch off Darius’ legspinning the previous day. We forgive you Afif, as it is known for centuries that the only acceptable way to drop a catch is by breaking a bone at the same time! 😉

Unlike last time, Geneva CC did not leave with a bitter taste in the mouth because of the loss. The tour was great fun and we would like to thank again Entrecasteaux CC for their wonderful hosting.

Geneva CC receives the 2016 Spirit of Cricket Award

At the recent Annual General Meeting, the Swiss Federation Of Cricket Umpires & Scorers singled out Geneva Cricket Club to receive the Spirit of Cricket Award 2016 for exemplary behaviour on & off the field last season.

The swissFOCUS Spirit of Cricket Award is an annual award, presented to the club in recognition for consistently demonstrating the best conduct on the field within the spirit of the game in any given calendar year, based upon on and off-field experiences of swissFOCUS officials.

The Geneva Cricket Club would like to express its gratitude to swissFOCUS and Cricket Switzerland for this award. It does not seem much to some, but it actually represents a lot for us. Being the oldest cricket club in Switzerland, we believe firmly in playing the game as the Spirit of Cricket commends. Sportsmanship, tolerance, competitiveness and solidarity are words that we take seriously, both on and off the field. We are thus honoured to receive this wonderful award and we hope to continue setting an example for cricket in Switzerland.

Many thanks to all for your support.

Two important victories in two weeks

Geneva CC started the season on the right foot by lifting the Geneva T20 Cup. It became very clear too to our players that it was also important to win the first friendly in the 40 overs format.

Bout-du-Monde, 16 April 2017, friendly 40-over match vs ZLCC

Geneva Cricket Club, 207 for 6 in 21 overs (Idrees 44, Viki 34*, Ravi Sankar 2-32), beat Zürich Lions Cricket Club, 206 all out in 40 overs (S Naren 71, Afif 4-34), by 4 wickets

(Click on the results above to see the full digital scorecard!)

On 16 April, Geneva CC won two friendlies against Zürich Lions CC at the Bout-du-Monde. It seemed that this was the very first match of the Zürich Lions against another Swiss team since the foundation of the club at the beginning of the year.

Even though too many wickets fell, Geneva CC chased the score with ease and reached the target in only 21 overs. Plenty of time was left therefore captians from both teams decided to play a fun 10-over match too!

Geneva CC scored 189 for 4 in 10 overs and Zürich Lions made 92 for 6 in 10 overs, beating thus the Lions by 97 runs. Ali Shah made a very special innings with 102 runs in 32 balls, which is quite an astounding feat for just an innings of 60 balls!

Bout-du-Monde, 23 April 2017, friendly 40-over match vc GICC

Geneva Cricket Club, 279 all out in 37.2 overs (Massoud 118, Khurram 56, Farooq 4-48, Richard 3-19), beat Geneva International Cricket Club, 262 all out in 39.2 overs (Bakir 51, Zahid 3-40), by 17 runs

(Click on the results above to see the full digital scorecard!)

GICC hosted a 40-over match on a (again!) beautiful and sunny Sunday which promised to deliver some good stuff for cricketers. Overall, it was a very good match of cricket with plenty of emotions. Geneva CC were straight away constrained by a great opening bowling partnership of Richard and Jibran. Wickets fell way too early with three batsman dismissed in 7.2 overs for just 26 runs. That is when Massoud stepped in and changed the innings. in 20 overs, the score was then at 107 for 4 and continued to rise consistently. The Lion of Panjshir went to score a blasting century in 55 balls thanks to solid contributions from his partners Parit and Dalvinder. He of course reached the benchmark with a blasting six over deep square leg.

The hosts took the advantage back with Farooq taking a crazy hat-trick in two separate overs. Skipper Khurram put the bowling momentum on hold with the young Zahid and went to add a 50+ partnership to the tally. Aamir and Darius helped Khurram reaching his half-ton before he was finally caught at cover.

GICC had to chase a defend-able score of 280 to win the match in 240 balls. The start of the game was not as slow as Geneva CC’s but more wickets were put down thanks to a solid performance by opening bowler Aamir. DC and Zahid contributed too, despite conceding too many extras. This problem actually spreaded amongst nearly all Geneva’s bowlers… who gave out a total of 41 wides. Hopefully the last time this season!

After the drinks break, GICC had 101 runs for 5 wickets in 20 overs. Bakir and Richard put up a strong fight and partnered for nearly 90 runs together. Right after scoring his fifty, Afif caught a superb catch behind off Zahid’s ball and things started to slowly unravel. With only one wicket in hand, Ajay and Farooq scared Geneva a bit by hitting boundaries to boundaries in the last overs, until Zahid wrapped it up by crashing the stumps with 4 balls remaining. Kudos to captain Khurram for his outstanding catch at long off while unintentionally slipping and for a super difficult direct hit that dismissed Jibran from point.

Geneva CC is victorious again and hopes to continue winning when they will be in South of France next week!

We won the Geneva T20 Cup!

Bout-du-Monde, 8-9 April 2017, Geneva T20 Cup

Click on the results to see the full scorecard!

First match

Geneva Sri Lanka Cricket Club, 182 for 8 in 18.3 overs (Krishanta 53, Idrees 2-15), beat Geneva Cricket Club, 180 for 7 in 20 overs (Idrees 71, Khurram 49*, Uddika 3-21), by 2 wickets

Second match

Geneva Cricket Club, 143 for 4 in 15.5 overs (Ali Shah 37, Asghar 2-32), beat Geneva XI Stars, 141 for 9 in 20 overs (Lalit 45, Kashif 3-35), by 6 wickets


Geneva Cricket Club, 122 for 5 in 12.2 overs (Idrees 35, Hans 2-18), beat Geneva Sri Lanka Cricket Club, 120 all out in 16.2 overs (Krishanta 36, Dalvinder 2-19, Zahid 2-19), by 5 wickets


The 2017 season started pretty well for the oldest cricket club in Switzerland. For its third edition, Geneva CC finally won the trophy of the Geneva T20 Cup!

After a difficult start tainted by a disappointing loss against GESLCC, Geneva CC retook the advantage by defeating XI Stars thanks to a very consistent performance from batsmen and tight bowling. The same approach was adopted in the final, which started very strongly for GESLCC (30 runs in just 2 overs). 26 runs and 22 balls later, three crucial wickets went down, which ultimately paved the way for a proper batting collapse.

GESLCC were all out with 22 balls remaining to defend a not-so-high score of 120. The target was chased in just 12.2 overs to give a 5-wicket victory to Geneva CC.

The beautiful thing of this tournament is that everybody contributed to build up the innings and bring the trophy home. Props to our skipper Anser for his awesome captaincy and great decisions on the field with the Vice-Captain Khurram. Kudos to Idrees, Khurram and Ali for their outstanding batting with the best scores of 71, 49 not out and 37 respectively and good contributions from Leo and Kashif.

Amazing bowling efforts from youngsters Afif and Zahid, as well as from the more experienced Ronak, Leo and Dalvinder. Kashif ended up with a total of 6 wickets in the competition, including 3 killing yorkers against the best batsmen of XI Stars that day.

The fielding performances were also spotless, with Ashwin as the wicketkeeper, taking 6 catches and smashing wickets twice with direct hits. Khurram took 4 catches in the final, including an amazing one at third man and we also saw some pretty damn good caught-and-bowled from Dalvinder, Leo and Zahid.

For the statistics of the Geneva T20 Cup, click here!

All in all, a deserved victory for a tough competition. We hope that this bodes well for the season 2017!


Start of the season 2017: facing 28 consecutive bouncers? Now possible!

April is right around the corner, which means that the cricket season is setting off! Our players are getting super excited and Geneva CC is preparing for a great season ahead.

Here is our busy programme for April:

  • 8 and 9 April: the Geneva T20 Cricket Tournament, hosted jointly this year by Geneva CC and Geneva Sri Lanka CC at the Bout-du-Monde. From 12:00 till 18:00 on both days, preceded by a short practice session;
  • 16 April: Friendly 40-over match against Zurich Lions, 12:00-18:00, Bout-du-Monde;
  • 22 April: First official practice session of the year at the Bout-du-Monde;
  • 29 and 30 April: International tour to South of France in Entrecasteaux to play two 35-over matches against Entrecasteaux CC and Monte-Carlo CC.

Furthermore, some of you might be aware of it, but the Geneva Cricket Club has decided to renew some of its practice equipment this season. This includes a Bola bowling machine with a 28-ball automatic feeder, a brand new netting installation system, and new professional nets and poles. The bowling machine is already home and the rest should be set up by the end of April.

Thanks to Geneva Sri Lanka CC for sharing the financial burden with respect to the netting system, in particular its President Sunil Perera. Thanks also to the following people who have given substantial donations to the Club to make this possible:

  • Hascal Gollop, President;
  • Nayyar Syed, Vice-President;
  • Faizan Ul-Haq, Secretary-General;
  • Anser Mehmood, Club Manager, Fixture Secretary and Captain;
  • Khurram Alvi, Vice-Captain;
  • Darius Rao, Secretary-Treasurer;
  • Saqib Aurangzeb, Full Member
  • Ronak Kamdar, Full Member

Let’s have a blast this season!

Un sponsor et des récompenses incroyables! Amazing awards and sponsorship!

Le Geneva Cricket Club, fondé en 1872, est fier d’annoncer que M. Saqib Aurangzeb, propriétaire de Kibs Tacos à Genève et de Kibs Restaurant à Abbottabad (Pakistan), a décidé de sponsoriser le club de cricket le plus prestigieux et ancien de Suisse.

Une belle enveloppe de 1000 francs a été donné au Club! 400 francs sont donnés à l’équipe pour la saison 2017; 200 francs sont octroyés à Darius Rao pour la meilleure progression de 2016; 200 francs sont octroyés à Idrees Haque pour le titre de meilleur batteur et 200 francs à Ronak Kamdar pour le titre de meilleur lanceur.

Le Geneva Cricket Club remercie chaleureusement Saqib pour sa générosité et son engagement au sein de l’équipe. Sa donation est cruciale pour le Club, qui par ailleurs appelle tous ses supporters et autres à se ruer à Kibs Tacos pour goûter aux meilleurs tacos de Suisse. Tout simplement!

Le restaurant Kibs Tacos est désormais un repère des fans du cricket et plus encore! Merci encore pour ce soutien inconditionnel!


The Geneva Cricket Club, founded in 1872, is proud to announce that Mr Saqib Aurangzeb, owner of  Kibs Tacos in Geneva (Switzerland) and Kibs Restaurant in Abbottabad (Pakistan), has decided to sponsor the oldest and most prestigious cricket club in Switzerland.

A marvelous envelope of 1000 Swiss francs (104’000 PKR) was given to the Club! 400 francs are given to the team for the 2017 season; 200 francs are granted to Darius Rao for the best progression of 2016; 200 francs are granted to Idrees Haque for his title of best batsman in 2016 and 200 francs to Ronak Kamdar for his title of best bowler.

The Geneva Cricket Club warmly thanks Saqib for his generosity and commitment to the team. His donation is crucial for the Club, which also calls all of its supporters and others to rush to Kibs Tacos to taste the best tacos of Switzerland. No doubts about it!

The restaurant Kibs Tacos is now a cricket fan base and more! Thanks again for this unconditional support!


Annual General Meeting 2017 Report

On 27 February 2017, the Annual General Meeting of the Geneva Cricket Club took place at the Madison Pub in la Servette.

Annual reports from Committee members and minutes of the previous AGM were all approved. Various amendments to the Constitution of the Club were adopted with the view of aligning it with the Swiss law and adapting it to the new management system. A Central Committee has been established and the Committee has been transformed into an Executive Committee. Furthermore, Members agreed on creating a new body for more accountability and transparency: a Statutory Auditor. All members of the  Central and the Executive Committee were elected unanimously.

Anser Mehmood has been voted in as Captain in both format of the game with unanimous support of all team members, which meant he preserved his role in the league games and replaced Saeed Raja in the T20 games. Khurram Alvi also garnered complete support to continue as Vice-Captain in all formats.

As provided in the amended Constitution of the club, a Statutory Auditor was elected for the very first time. Ahmad Daqiqui was thus elected unanimously to fill in the role.

Membership fees were maintained at CHF 200 for Full Members (CHF 150 for newcomers, students and unemployed).

Five new members were officially welcomed: Zahid Abdullrahimzi, Vignesh Sethuraman, Mian Ali Shah, Dalvinder Singh and Ashwin Vinod. New other members are also expected to join the club before the end of March!

Members were also briefed on the fact that Geneva CC obtained full Associate Status within Cricket Switzerland. Furthermore, the Treasurer of the Club, Darius Rao, talked to the Members about his initiative regarding the foundation of an “Association genevoise de cricket”, hoping to establish it by the end of the first semester this year. He mentioned also the two financial support requests made to the Fonds cantonal d’aide au sport and talked about the project to purchase a bowling machine and to improve the net installation system at the Bout-du-Monde.

Finally, Club Manager Anser Mehmood mentioned that official Match Managers will be nominated before every match. The meeting was then closed with a great speech from Vice-President Nayyar Syed, who called players to fight ferociously for trophies this year!

The Geneva Cricket Club is now an Associate Member of Cricket Switzerland


Full Member

In the process of its reintegration into the realm of Swiss cricket, the Geneva Cricket Club became an Affiliate Member to Cricket Switzerland (CS) last year. The objective for our Club was obviously to take it to the final stage by becoming a fully fledged member of the Swiss cricket federation.

Now the objective is accomplished! At the last Annual General Meeting of Cricket Switzerland on 18 February in Bern, Associate Members voted unanimously for elevating the status of our Club.

This means that Geneva CC has now voting rights and that it is automatically eligible to play any national competition under the auspices of Cricket Switzerland (we previously required an exceptional authorisation from the Members to do so). The Associate membership gives other rights to our Club, such as the power to propose amendments to the constitution or joining other Associates to call for an extraordinary General Meeting, etc.

The Geneva Cricket Club would like to thank everyone within and outside of Cricket Switzerland for making it possible. We are proud to be part of the great Swiss cricket family!

Indoor friendlies against GICC

The day that followed the Annual General Meeting, Geneva CC played two T20s against GICC at the indoor sports centre of the Bout-du-Monde in Champel. Not surprisingly, Geneva CC continued their long unbeaten run against GICC and were victorious in the two games:

First match: Geneva Cricket Club, 132 for 6 in 20 overs (Saqib 39*, Khurram 30 [retired], Leo 2-23), beat Geneva International Cricket Club, 106 all out in 20 overs (Leo 35, Khurram 2-5, Ali 2-7), by 26 runs

Second match: Geneva Cricket Club, 125 for 7 in 18.2 overs (Anser 40, Ali 27*, Girish 3-31), beat Geneva International Cricket Club, 123 for 7 in 20 overs (Viki 33, Massoud 1-13), by 3 wickets

Manager and Fixture Secretary Report

Ahead of our Annual General Meeting of 26 February 2017, our Fixture Secretary and Manager Anser Mehmood publishes his report on our website:

I am very thankful to the Committee and Full Members for giving me the chance to manage the club for a third year in row. The Club Committee and players contributed to make my responsibilities much easier.

2016 was the year of the real revival of the Geneva Cricket Club. The Club strengthened all units and witnessed various improvements. As a first step, the Club became an affiliate member of Cricket Switzerland. It played in both national competitions: the 40–over Cricket Switzerland Premier League and the Mr Pickwick T20 Cup. Second, the Club improved its presence in the media: it has now a fully functional website and is pretty active on social media (Facebook and Instagram). The match reports, photos and CricHQ are used very efficiently to improve data and info on our matches and players. The Club has also provided opportunities  for some players to attend umpiring courses to become official umpires.

The Club has played a record number of matches with 5 more matches than in 2015. The team played a total of 25 matches across all formats, i.e. 40-over league, Pickwick T20 and friendlies throughout Switzerland and also France. The Club also organised a number of practice sessions.

The team traveled to Lyon for the second consecutive year. For the first time after 15 years, the Club organised a weekend trip to the South of France at Entrecasteaux, where it played a 35-over game against Entrecasteaux CC. It was a mind-blowing experience on an exceptional cricket ground with unique hospitality and sunshine.

The Club managed to provide kits, some equipment, delicious food, refreshments and transportation throughout the cricket season. The Club as well organised for the players a barbecue and some team meetings. After every league game, a man of the match trophy was awarded to motivate the best player.

At the end of the year, Geneva CC visited the AncrAges association in Annemasse, France, where some players had a good time playing cricket with young refugees from Pakistan and Afghanistan. As they were so passionate about the game of cricket,the Club thereafter responded positively to play an official indoor cricket match in January 2017. The event was very well organised, packed with a good crowd and well publicised in social media and on the Cricket Switzerland website.

The Club finally organised in February 2017 an Annual Family Dinner after a long hiatus. The participation of more than 40 people, including members, players and volunteers from AncrAges was very much appreciated. Trophies were awarded to the best batsman, bowler and fielder of the year. A new trophy, the David Barmes Player of the Year, was awarded too.

All in all, the year was very successful and the Club bounced back very strongly. We are looking forward to a new vision, to success and to playing more competitive and friendly cricket within the spirit of cricket.

Distinguished regards,

Anser Mehmood