♪♫ Cruuuuisin’ to the knockout stage ♫♪ (with bumps here and there)

You thought we disappeared because no news were updated for some time? It is true that since the intergalactic victory against Rhône CC in early July, we were not able to update you about what happened next. Let us say ups and downs. Mostly ups actually, as the Geneva Cricket Club is now qualified in the quarter-finals of the Premier League and the semi-finals of the Pickwick T20 Cup! From oblivion to favourites in just a year. What an achievement by our team players.

Before we explain to you in details what occurred this last marvelous weekend of 6-7 August, allow us to brief you succinctly on our trials and tribulations of July:

  • In the T20 Cup, Geneva CC went from potential winners of the group stage to mere absentee of the knockout stage.
  • In the Premier League, we also faced our first defeat in the hands of our fellow friends from GESLCC and lost our number one spot in the standing table.

In the end, even though our 8-victory winning streak in official matches was cut short, Geneva CC remained afloat. Yes, we cruised to the number 1 and number 2 spots of the Premier League and T20 Cup respectively with two successive wins over the last weekend!!!

Now let us unfold the drama a bit and sort out for you the highlights of July:


1) Vernier, 10 July 2016, Premier League

Geneva Cricket Cub, 111 for 0 in 9.3 overs (Idrees 74), beat Uprising Cricket Club, 107 all out in 19.3 overs (Sarbrinder 34, Anser 4-24), by 10 wickets

Full scorecard

Sometimes, we can just let the numbers talk. A 40-over match turned into a de facto Twenty20: Uprising all out for 107 in less than 20 overs, chased thereafter successfully by a lonely pair of openers in just 57 balls. Indeed, Geneva’s sharp bowling attack proved too hard for Uprising. And when Idrees came on the crease pumped up, he – as usual – let his bat talk –> 68 runs of boundaries out of a total of 74… what else? Honours to special guest Gullu who gave delightful strokes to let the main man do the show. Another victory in the pocket, ka-ching!


2) Vernier, 17 July 2016, Pickwick T20 Cup

Geneva Cricket Cub, 213 all out in 19.3 overs (Idrees 44, Anser 44, Khurram 44, Wasim 3-39), beat Uprising Cricket Club, 116 all out in 19.5 overs (Nelson 32, Anser 2-12, Ankit 2-17), by 97 runs

Full scorecard

No reason for Geneva CC to decelerate that day. Back again on the bizarre Verniolan pitch/field, the Genevan neighbours nearly won with a +100 margin. A great batting display during the first innings proved too tough for the hosts to compete with. Idrees, Anser and Khurram all scored an exact 44 runs each! Bat Ball-n-Harmony! Albeit the excellent total of 213 runs scored, seven wickets were thrown away in the last five overs… a trend that has become worryingly common this season. Interesting fact too: Uprising totalled an amount very close to the previous match of 40 overs with nearly the same number of balls. President Nelson demonstrated some classical cricketing skills with the bat that day (and with the ball too!), but the man alone could not save his team. Off to the clásico of the western division!


3) Onex, 24 July 2016, Pickwick T20 Cup

Geneva XI Stars Cricket Club, 158 for 7 in 18.4 overs (Houmayun 45, Ronak 3-23), beat Geneva Cricket Club, 157 for 7 in 20 overs (Saad 47, Qaiser 3-26), by 3 wickets

Full scorecard

Games between GCC and XI Stars are renowned for being super tight ones. El Clásico de Ginebra! This match was no exception to the rule as it basically determined who would sit on the group stage’s throne of the Pickwick T20 Cup. Through a superbly competitive match, XI Stars finally managed to terminate Geneva’s long 8-victory winning streak in official matches. No luck for Geneva CC in T20 games against them this season… But as expected, the game provided quite a show for spectators. For more details, check the match report on Geneva XI Stars’ Facebook page (post of 24 July 2016).


4) Bout-du-Monde,  July 2016, Premier League

Geneva Sri Lanka Cricket Club, 127 for 2 in 22.3 overs (Sanjeewa 57, Ravi 42), beat Geneva Cricket Club, 125 all out in 30 overs (Ahmad 56*, Wadood 3-14, Ravi 3-42), by 8 wickets

Full scorecard

For the last match of July, our very dear friends from GESLCC gave us a “nice” little lesson we will try not to forget. From Sanjeewa’s clever batting to Wadood’s astute bowling and to Zarook’s super agile keeping, the match was clearly one-sided. Beat hard after 30 overs with a pretty low score of 125, our only star of the day was Ahmad, who allowed the team to lose with heads high thanks to his 56 not out. GESLCC inflicted to us the first defeat of the season in the Premier League and offered us a chilling cold shower too. This indubitably allowed Geneva CC to think forward with respect to what we could do better to avoid such batting disaster in the future. For more details, check the match report on Cricket Switzerland’s webpage.


Stay tuned for the next article concerning the T20 and League match of 6 and 7 August. Brace yourself as the last League match against Cossonay was full of emotions and, we must admit, quite extraordinary. Cheers ladies and gents!